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Everything about Norma Stitz seems larger than life - her sweetness, her heart, her smile - and of course those enormous, legendary ebony boobs. Even her website - NormaStitz - seems larger than life, with the seemingly inexhaustible Ms. Stitz wearing no fewer than half a dozen hats - site administrator, film director, magazine editor, model, guest model coordinator - the list goes on. Well, I guess her energy and drive are larger than life, too. In plain talk, we here at The EBR think Norma’s great.

Legendary Norma Stitz

Norma’s name is of course a play on “enormous tits”, and nothing could be more fitting. So massive is Ms. Stitz legendary bust that no less an authority than The Guinness Book of World Records saw fit in December 1999 to award Norma the title of world’s biggest. A visit to NormaStitz would leave few people inclined to argue.

The site is BBBW all the way - Big Beautiful Black Women wall to wall. Anyone favoring the “slim-and-stacked” look or who find themselves overwhelmed by anything larger than a double-D better keep on steppin’. These rooms are for those who like their girls ample and big around every curve - and believe me they are.

A pal of Norma’s - gorgeous, stacked Simone Fox

In addition to Ms. Stitz, you’ll find loads of pics and vids of about 20 of her most humongously breasted friends, all of whom can really bring it. For my taste, the site is a little light on long video clips, but a recent visit shows that seems to be changing.

One thing Norma seems to be doing a lot of lately is producing DVD’s. Quite a few have been added to the already large catalog Ms. Stitz sells in her online store, and the recent additions - particularly the ones starring Norma herself - are just the kind of stuff I love. Lots of big boob posing, oiling, swingin’ and swayin’. Norma can do some mind-blowing things with those gigantic juggs. Have a look at Norma Stitz Productions.

Another feature I appreciate - and I think paying members do as well - is that many of the DVD’s for sale come with sample clips that can be viewed prior to purchase. This shows a lot of “content confidence” on Ms. Stitz’s part, and allows potential buyers the satisfaction of not “buying blind”. Prices are quite reasonable, too, considering there’s enough big boob action here to smother a marching band.

By permission of NormaStitz

Norma’s been making jaws hit the floor for a good long while, and doesn’t seem to have lost a single step. If anything, her video and photographic creativity is just getting better. And of course the boobs, the boobs….those gorgeous, humongous ebony boobs.

If Big Beautiful Black Women whose bras look more like hammocks are what rev your engine, NormaStitz will have you in overdrive. Norma’s a classic, a class act, and she even actually answers her email. Highly recommended.

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