My name is Carl. I've been an admirer of yours for along time.

I love your beautiful huge tits. I dream of kissing and sucking your sexy big nipples.

I'm 66 years old and get a hardon every time I see your beautiful body.

I'm attracted to beautiful black woman. But a man can dream. Love Carl.


Good Morning My Goddess,iwas watching tv last night and saw à commercial

for Victorias Secret featuring some of tv most beautiful women.They

all looked like scarecrows not Réal Women like the Goddess of Pleasure

Norma Stitz.your Magnificent Curves make them look like little girls

.you are truly the Sexiest,Most Beautiful Woman on the Planet.your devoted cum slave chuck

Hey Norma, I wanted to say I love your work in all your professional endeavors. You are so sexy. I have been a fan for over a decade. Remember, a lot of us white boyz are some of your biggest fans. I am the biggest fan on the west coast. Your pics are sexy and classy. I especially love it when you bling all those gold chains at once. Where did you get those gold necklaces, they are so fly on a diva like you. What are the charms and medallions on those chains. Yes, I have a big gold fetish. I also love the gold rings too. Holla back.


hi Angel I love your site. your truly beautiful and your Breasts are so beautiful. I would love for you to breastfeed me. I was wondering if you like to get kinky? I am very oral and one thing that I would love to do is after you pee can I wipe you with my tongue and taste your pee?

Hi Norma, I have a couple if functions coming up, one tomorrow night. It's a party and the dress is supposed to b sexy and dressy. I'm a size 26/28 and bra size 50M. I can do dressy, but wat kind of outfit would you suggest for "sexy" at my size? I'm 40, and very pretty (im thankful for that at my size) and wear my hair long. Every time I step out "dressed" you can't tell if in going to a party or church :-/ Thanks for any help, RD Ps when I first saw you it gave me inspiration to like myself also


Hi, Thanks for writing to me and hope you are having a wonderful evening.

If it was me I would be wearing a red or black nice evening dress a little below the knee. The material should have some spandex in it, that way the material will hug your shape. Nothing low cut, don't want to look trashy, you boobs are going to stand out anyway.

Have fun at the party.

HI GORGEOUS, i just joined your site after heariing some friends sing your
praise and WOW they were right. you are the MOST SEXUALLLY EXCITING WOMAN
I'VE EVER SEEN!!!!!i,m a mature Navy vet whos been around and you are
SUPERIOR TO ANY WOMAN I'VE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i look forward to many hours
of pleasure viewing your MAGNIFICENT BODY your devoted new fan chuck

Dear Ms. Stitz:

Thank you again for being you. You are truly magnificent and I appreciate your generous spirit in allowing your charms to bring pleasure and joy to so many people. I am a senior citizen living alone and I truly enjoy you.

I wish I was a poet so I could write a poem of praise for your beauty. I would say something about your breasts being worth their weight in gold. Or platinum or diamonds.

I suppose many of your fans have told you that you are almost as gorgeous and exciting from the rear as you are from the front.

I also consider it important that your lovely face and your wonderful smile have the power to light up my day. I think you truly enjoy your art (and it is an art!) as much as your fans enjoy seeing you. Am I correct?

I am a religious man and I consider your charms to be a blessing from God that He wants you to share with everyone in order to bring joy and love into our troubled world.

Thank you again.

Sincerely yours,



I have written before to thank you for your wonderful videos. So I hope I'm not boring you by writing once again. I am 70 years old and I sometimes feel really down about the fact that I am no longer as active as I used to be. When I am down I turn to your videos for uplift and you never disappoint me. Recently my brother passed away at age 74, and I got really depressed at the loss. Your videos have helped me greatly to defeat the depression. So once again, Thank You. You are wonderful and it is a blessing for me that you are willing to share your charms with so many of us. Sincerely,Roger


Hi, Norma its great to make contact with you. I am a big fan. I have to say that you have an awsome body and mindblowing God given assest. You are blessed woman with a lot to give. Had I been in the States, I'd want to date you. Your biggest fan , Conray ,South Africa


UNBIELIEVABLY SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!just when i think you couldnt get any SEXIER
you come out with this video.MY COCK SPRANG TO ATTENTION IN THE FIRST 10
SECONDS. the camera angle is where i would LOVE TO BE. then you keep telling me
to PULL HARDERand BOOM I EXPLODED. NORMA you are without a doubt the
where at your feet in person}your devoted slave chuck

Hello Ms. Stitz, my name is Maurice and I have been watching you since I was 21 and I'm 36 now. I have pleasured myself so many times looking at your pictures it should be illegal. I sometimes see lady's out at stores , malls or just walking down the street with the same body type as you but by no means as grand as you. I will have to go to my car or run back home grab my lube and a picture of you and blow a big one. I have always been attracted to full figured women and you are the queen. I am getting a hard on just writing you. I have been debating on signing up to your site for awhile but never seem to get around to it. I love looking at you in heels it drives me crazy. I would love to see you in person. I live in Cleveland OH. When are you coming here or near here so I can see what I've grown up to. Please email me back and let me know it would make my year. Love one of your biggest fans. B

Hi Norma,

I've just registered with your site. I'm big fan of BBW and I've been more interested in butts and bellies, but no one can ignore your breasts; they're stunning! You have so many sexy pics and videos on your site, and the the other models are gorgeous. BBWs are so sensuous and big black women particularly so, in my opinion. My girlfriend is a big black woman, so this isn't just a fantasy of mine, but a big part of my life.
Anyway, I just thought I'd say hello.

The picture of you at the top of the photo gallery is the best ever.

The dress, the smile and angle of the photo is awesome.

It is like we are kneeling at your feet worshipping the ultimate woman.

I am one of your fans who subscribes for a month at a time now

and then when I just need to see more of you Norma.

This photo makes me want to join your site again right now.

I hope to stick with you the entire year this time.
Your mesmerized fan,


Send me your e-mail letters, I answer all!







Comment about latest site update:

If there's an after life I want to

comeback as Norma Stitz Body stocking.


Your videos and your tits are the best thing I've ever seen! You are so sexy it's incredible! The size of your boobs turn me on like you would not believe! I'd love to hear from you, wish we could meet one day. Bucket list ! Haha. -


Hi Norma or Annie

I had to email you and let you know you are the most beautiful and sexiest looking woman I have ever seen. It would be my ultimate fantasy to spend some time, any time with you. You are an absolutely gorgeous woman who seems to get better looking every year. Congratulations on your success

Huge Fan Carl

Your videos and your tits are the best thing I've ever seen! You are so sexy it's incredible! The size of your boobs turn me on like you would not believe! I'd love to hear from you, wish we could meet one day. Bucket list ! Haha. -


The most beautiful woman of the planet.

Dear Mrs. Norma.
I want to thank you for your beauty. Your smile is astonishing that adorns your face. The enterer’s photogenic. Your breasts are tender and incomparably the miracle of beauty. The enterer’s fantastic miracle of nature that have to admire nature as a whole. You summers matures and your spell is even greater. I hope you'll still long shots and videos to your miracle that was preserved forever. I'd love it if you sent this email to your photograph with a signature. I wish you good health and lots of magical pictures and videos.

Your admirer K. from the Czech Republic.


Hello Norma

I just received and viewed the 2 disc set of your Vegas Invasion, and again I must tell you that it was superb. As usual you were simply brearhthtaking and your scenes with Suzie Q and Monique were stunning. To view the three of you together was simply heavenly. I must also add that the solo scenes from Jinxx and Summer Lashay displayed the beauty and curves af these two beautiful women as I have never seen before. Keep up the wonderful work.



Good Afternoon My Big,SexGoddess,I was just looking at some of my favorite photos of your Magnificent Body and decided that I wanted to put my face between your Aesome titties and Cum ,then put my face between your Strong Sexy thighs and Cum again.OMG I'm Cumming in my shorts just thinking about you!No other woman has ever done that to me!!!I just can't get enough of you,I think of you constantly!!WHAT a WOMAN!!!yuor trembling cum slave Chuckie

Wow!!! Your tits are amazing!!! I wish that I were your neighbour so I could get caught jerking off by you.. that would be awesome! :-D

My name is Peter and I live in Sweden. I just had to tell you that you ms Norma is my horniest dream. You make my cock so hard, that I just gotta fuck someone.just fapping wont cut it.. I need to shove it deep inside.. preferably inside your wet, willing soft pussy and hugging those juggs of yours!! I would fuck your nice, sexy body for days on end. Just had to show you how stiff you make me! :-) your fan Peter in Sweden

Hi there my name is Adam and i am from montreal canada.ever been there?i know u get this a lot but

i am in love with you from the moment i saw u !!!you re tits are so amazing and every time i see them

i cum so much i just want put my face on them and never stop licking and i also want to kiss your beautiful face

all the way down to your legs.I really want to meet you face to face.please you are my dream girl

Hypnotic eyes, lovely lips and the most charming smile.

Body like a godess and a warm sexy voice.

So much energy, so much drive, so much woman.

You shine Annie, you shine. So gorgeous, so delicious, so wauw.

If you ever visit Denmark on a tour or holiday be free to write, write, write.

Could swim in your eyes on the spot. Perfect week and summer to you.

Warm thoughts from Brian.


Hey Norma

I'm just some 29 year old dude who has enjoyed looking at photos of you for some time now. You seem like a well

put together person- both inside and out. Your massive breasts are very appealing to me (I'm too shy to elaborate on what

I'd do with them, with your permission of course) but you also have a very nice smile.

Anyway, just wanted to send you a thing. Wish I could go to BBWCon,

but I'm stuck over here in Ohio. You stay beautiful, and keep on keeping on.


Hi there,you’re definitely one of the worlds most beautiful/sexy women,you’ve got a truly

amazing/sexy/curvy body.You’ve without doubt got the biggest and most gorgeous natural tits that I’ve ever ever

seen,they’re absolutely incredible,I’d love to suck on those beauties.

Many regards


Thank you for your very fast reply and for making the clip available

in just a couple of hours.

This is truly perfect customer service ! STEFAN


OMG!!!there days in a row of Amazing,Sexual Excitement is too much for this 78 year

old body!! i have Nothing left to give to my Goddess that Big,Sexy Belly drained all my cum.

You are the Sexiest Woman I,ve Ever Seen.C


Happy Easter, Mistress Norma. I hope you are doing well. I just subscribed to

your website yesterday. I must say that you are stunning, a true goddess,

and absolutely beautiful from head to toe. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Take care and breast wishes. Your fan forever. Don

WOW!!!As ive said before ,i'ts Amazing how you keep getting Sexier every day.

Love the Sexy,Black dress especially the slit that shows off your Strong,Sexy legs.the shots showing

just à hint of your Awesome Ass really taise my Heart rate.You are à Gorgeous,Sexy Lady!!your aroused slave Chuck

My name is Jared.

I am a soldier in the US army. I am in Afghanistan at the moment, but I love seeing your pics.

You are a beautiful female. I was wondering what it would take for me to meet you. It would be nice. Just let me know.

Thank you.


Hello, I want to tell you how your work made my life a little easier. I recently joined the military and during our version of boot camp, mental images of you helped distract me from the fatigue and general unpleasantness. It was like the quote from Saving Private Ryan: "Close your eyes and think of these." Anyway thanks a lot!

Dear norma, you are the hottest woman ever.. and you ALSO have two beautiful boobs, uhmm perfect! yam yam. I am your perfect match!! (Smiling!!) i think :-) but i am also very happy just seing you on the web. Kiss and love from jørgen 46 in denmark


Hello Norma I just want to say how much I admire you. To have the largest breast and to keep you chin up after people say some of rudest comments to you. But theres a lot of people like myself that are on your side and think you have a wonderful treasure. I see on your website that you go to italy every year and you always get a great reception. Thats great I would love to go there someday thats on my list of places to see. I loved the movie THE BUCKET LIST it makes you think life is short you got a chance to do and see something do it you might never get that chance again. It will be a pleasure to meet you someday I know you get so many e-mails when you get the chance feel free to e-mail me. Sincerly Paul


Norma! G'day my name is Dr Barton from Australia. There is not much that hasn't been said about your beauty but I will say that you ate a flawless diamond! I love massive breasts so I was instantly taken in wow bigger is better you're so sexy! They don't breed woman like you or your friends on your site down under so I haven't had the pleasure of experiencing such a gorgeous woman :( Would love to see those curves and get to know you better!
Dr B xo

Hello Norma!

I hope you're keeping well!

I just logged onto your site and noticed the new photoset in the purple dress. WOW! Even by your standards that is an exceptionally sensual photoset. I must say that you look young as ever, and for sure beat most women in sexiness still.

I wish you a Happy Midsummer - tonight is the longest day of the year, and over here the sun barely sets for a couple of hours.
After a cool beginning of the summer we finally have sunshine, and I have been able to take a couple of days off work - phew!
I hope you will also take some time to relax with family and friends, Norma.

All the best,

- Your devoted fan Lars

Hi Norma, I am a 42yr and I have always had large boobs (52DD) I would feel uncomforable at work, or just out shopping. But after hearing about you, YOU ARE MY HERO. I dont feel uncomforable anymore, I love showing off these hugh natural breast of mine. A.

Hello Norma..I think you are one hot black have

the nicest and biggest boob than any women in the them..:P

Dear Norma,

You are doing an excellent job, never disappointing.

You have experience that no one else possesses and passion for work.

Great site and continue!! David


You look warm, inviting, kind and loving.

You are an earth mother. I know it must not be the most comfortable thing

with breasts the size that you have but you seem to make the best of it.

What man would not love to curl up beside you and be looked after.

There is simply not enough love and kindness in our world.

You symbolize womanhood. The comfort we needed but rarely

got and the love we wanted but but never deserved.

You are a queen Norma and I wish only the best for you.

I hope you have someone to look after you.


Norma, your fabulous body has brought me much happiness since you

debuted in the nineties. I am in love with your latest video "Nasty Gurl,"

your big womanly ass wiggling at the camera just entices me!

My wish for you and yours this year is nothing but happiness and love, AND,

of course, K-E-E-P G-R-O-W-I-N-G B-I-G-G-E-R N-O-R-M-A! Love, your longtime fan, Bruce.


I've been in love with you from a young age well maybe your figure....

wich is un fucking real i want 2 meat you and your friends....

i am a 36 year old male with that has an open mind and fantasies..

you and alot your friend meet those perscriptions and i really

want to meet you or one of your friends. for a video shoot or on a personmal basis. TREVOR


Oh yes your boobs have gotten bigger. You know they say bigger is
better in your case that's very very true. Love your sites and your
pics please don't stop doing what your doing. Love you for lifeTiger

Hello my sweet Norma,

I have been following you since 1997. I´ve got hundreds of pictures and videos of you.

And I´d like to tell you something: Nowadays, you are looking BIGGER, SEXIER and

MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN EVER. Your breasts are incredibly JUICY and GORGEOUS!!!! Your are like wine!!

Unhappily I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I´m too far from you.

But my dream is to give you a kiss in the mouth and feel the heat of your breasts on my hands...

All my love to you, my goddess!!!

You know Norma, from my point, when God created woman....

He must have had you in mind. To say you are spectacular is to understate

how really gorgeous you are... Have a wonderful day sexy....

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